Another reason for coffee prices going up…

Below is a recent letter we received from our coffee filter supplier in reference to a price increase for filters. One of the many reasons we needed to increase coffee prices.     November 1, 2018 This letter is written to address current unprecedented and historic market conditions surrounding the paper pulp industry and how… Read more »

Pricing Alert

It’s been two years since we last had a general price increase on our coffee products.  During that time inflation has been low, but not non-existent.  Over the past year we have had to bear higher labor, rent, tolls and parking fees to name just a few of our operating costs.  Consequently effective 12/15/18, we… Read more »

10-1-18 Price Notice

Price Notice – It’s been over a year since we had our last general price review. Effective on or about October 1, 2018 we will be making the following price adjustments: Coffee: whole bean, ground, brew by pack, and cold brew no price change. Most other products will be increased 3%. Bigelow, Celestial and Tazo… Read more »

What Happened To My Coffee Kits?

What Happened to My Coffee Kits? We are no longer selling coffee in “kits” with filters.  A variety of factors have convinced us that it is better to give you, our customer, the option to choose the proper amount and type of filter for your coffee.  Starting today, please order your paper filters separately when… Read more »

Price Notice Effective September 1

Pricing notice – Effective on or about September 2, 2017 we will be making our semi-annual price adjustments. With inflation running @2% for the past few years we are happy to report that, once again, the majority of our 5,000+ SKU’s will not have any price change. However, of course, some adjustments will need to… Read more »

Dunkin Donuts® K-Cups Now Available!

Hey Dunkin Donuts fans!  Now you can enjoy your favorite coffee flavors and blends using the Keurig in your office.  We currently have 5 selections in stock and ready to ship! Dunkin Donuts® Dark – DDKD Dunkin Donuts® Decaf – DDKDEC Dunkin Donuts® French Vanilla – DDKFV Dunkin Donuts® Hazelnut – DDKH Dunkin Donuts® Original… Read more »

Mars Drinks Discontinues Foundry Blend

Mars Drinks® has discontinued its Foundry Blend after adding 3 new Starbucks® coffees (Veranda Blend, Pikes Place® Roast and Caffe Verona®) to their Flavia lineup. If you enjoyed the Foundry Blend (CDC code ALTFB), we recommend the Sumatra (CDC code ALTSUM) as an excellent alternative with a similar body and flavor profile.

Keeping Our Associates Safe Out There!

The safety of our associates is extremely important, so we have issued safety vests to all CDC team members who work outside as a required piece of their uniform.  These high-visibility vests will help keep our drivers out of harm’s way, especially during these short winter days.

CDC Adopt A Highway

We’re Proud To Help Keep Our Roads Clean

For over 20 years, CDC has proudly sponsored the cleanup of a one-mile stretch of New York City’s Grand Central Parkway.  We are happy to see the roadway kept clean and beautiful, looking so much better than the mess it was before.  We must say, it is fun to see our name on the sign… Read more »

Coffee Pricing Update

It’s been over two years since we last had a price adjustment on our coffees.  During that time we have seen increases in health and business insurance, salaries, taxes, tolls and other operating costs.  In order to continue to provide the excellent service you deserve, we will need to make the following price changes effective… Read more »

Bevi Water Solutions

A Remarkable New Office Water Source Revealed

A remarkable new office water source revealed! Bevi is more than just a water cooler; it’s your single source for: Filtered cold water Sparkling Water Six unsweetened naturally flavored waters (plain or sparkling) Four lightly sweetened* naturally flavored waters (plain or sparkling) Additional flavors are on the way, and you can feel good about enjoying… Read more »

Starbucks Blends for Flavia

Popular Starbucks Blends Now Available For Your Flavia Brewer!

Mars Drinks/Flavia has just announced a new partnership with Starbucks!  As a result, we are now shipping Starbucks filter packs for all Flavia brew systems.  The three most popular selections at Starbucks shops are available: Veranda® – also known as Blonde® (CDC code:  FSV) Pike Place Roast® – medium roast and the most popular Starbucks blend (CDC code:… Read more »

Cold Brew Coffee Kegerator

Cold Brew Gets Hot!

The biggest trend in coffee right now is Cold Brew Coffee. Don’t confuse this with Iced Coffee, which is simply drip brewed coffee poured over ice or cooled in the refrigerator. Cold brew uses cold water and extended steep time (6 to 12 hours or more) to produce a smoother but very potent brew. The… Read more »

Welcome To Our New Website

Explore Our New Site!

Welcome to our new website!  We encourage you to explore all the new and exciting elements of the site, but to make things a little easier during your first visit, here are some key features and pages that will make it easier for you to learn about us, find what you need, and enjoy your… Read more »