Bottled Cooler

Bottled Cooler

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*We recommend regular filter changes for all our plumbed-in coffee and water equipment. Ask your CDC representative for more information about this service.

Bottled Cooler

Our Belle Montagne Premium Spring Water is bottled at its pristine source high in the Penobscot Ridge Mountains in the Lackawanna State Forest of Pennsylvania. We put no-spill caps on all of our five-gallon bottles to give you the ultimate in convenience and safety.

This sodium-free water is tested hourly during bottling operations using the most modern and sophisticated equipment available. Learn why we call it “Premium” by reading NSF International’s independent analysis.

Unlike many water companies, we offer next-day delivery throughout most of our territory, not a rigid scheduling cycle. And with each delivery, we will pick up your empty bottles. However, to minimize charges and credits for bottle deposits, we request that you allow us to pick up only the same number of bottles that we are delivering.

Every cooler we install is equipped with Water Block and Flood Buzz devices.

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