The Lavazza Espresso Point (EP) is a single-cup espresso machine that brews using Lavazza’s unique cartridge system. It is a semi-automatic machine, very popular in restaurants and food service settings, as well as in some offices.

Simply insert a Lavazza cartridge, close the door, and the cartridge will load into place. Press a button to select the desired brew size, and let the Espresso Point do the rest! There is also an option to manually control the brew cycle’s start and stop, if preferred. The machine will automatically dispose of the spent cartridge, and collect up to 30 cartridges in the internal refuse bin.

Cartridges are available for regular or decaf espresso, as well as tea and consomme. The Espresso Point also features a built in steam wand, which can be used to produce a delicious cappuccino or latte. The steam wand can also be used as a hot water dispenser.