The following Alterra coffee packets have higher gram throws than their Flavia predecessors:

  • Costa Rican (7.0 grams vs. 6.5 grams)
  • Ethiopia (9.0 grams vs. 7.0 grams)
  • French Roast (9.0 grams vs. 7.0 grams)
  • Kenya (8.0 grams vs. 7.0 grams)

Also note: Flavia Italian Roast (7.0 grams) has been discontinued. Its recommended replacements, Foundry Blend (9.0 grams) and Artisan Roast (10.0 grams) both have greater throw weights.

Also note: Flavia Intense Dark Roast contained inferior robusta coffee. Its replacement, Alterra Barista’s Blend, is 100% arabica!