Due to a manufacturer change, Bounty Paper Towels (code: BTY) previously packed 15 rolls per case, are now packed 30 per case. There has also been a moderate per-unit cost increase on this item. Paper Towels can still be purchased either individually, or by the case.


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We also carry a range of other paper towel brands. Ranked most- to least-costly, here are your options:

  • 7ROLL: 7th Generation 100% Recycled Paper Roll Towels (24/case)
  • BTYS: Bounty Select-A-Size Roll Towels (24/case)
  • BTY: Bounty Roll Towels (30/case)
  • TC: Georgia Pacific Roll Towels (30/case)
  • MTC: Tork Roll Towels (30/case)

All of the above choices are 2-ply.

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