The biggest trend in coffee right now is Cold Brew Coffee. Don’t confuse this with Iced Coffee, which is simply drip brewed coffee poured over ice or cooled in the refrigerator. Cold brew uses cold water and extended steep time (6 to 12 hours or more) to produce a smoother but very potent brew. The process uses twice as much coffee per ounce of finished product so watch out! There’s twice the caffeine of regular coffee. Most of us will want to dilute the cold brew with milk, ice and/or cold water. That’s why we also carry “RTD” cold brew–it’s been cut with purified water making it Ready To Drink.
At CDC we now carry 5 different brands of cold brew coffees. They are available in sizes ranging from 10 oz. bottles to 5-gallon kegs for those who want their cold brew on tap! Here’s our current lineup:

Cold Brew Coffee Kegerator

Kegerators available for your office!


Ace Black Cold Brew 5 Gal Keg
Ace Decaf Cold Brew 5 Gal Keg
Chameleon Cold Brew 5.34 Gal Keg
Chameleon Cold Brew Rtd 5 Gal Keg
Joyride Green Tea Concentrate 5 Gal Keg
Joyride Orig Concentrate 5 Gal Keg
Joyride Orig RTD 5 Gal
Joyride Segafredo Rtd 5 Gal. Keg
Joyride Single Org Reserve 5 Gal Keg
Joyride Single Origin RTD 5 Gal Keg
Joyride RTD Green Tea 5 Gal. Keg

For the office refrigerator:
Chameleon RTD Black 12/10 Oz
Chameleon RTD Espresso 12/10 Oz
Chameleon RTD Mexican 12/10 Oz
Chameleon RTD Mocha 12/10 Oz
Chameleon RTD Vanilla 12/10 Oz
Grady Cold Brew 12/16 Oz.
Grady Cold Brew Conc 6/32 Oz
Red Thread Decaf Dreamy 12/10 Oz
Red Thread Dreamy 3 Liter
Red Thread Good Sumatra 3 Ltr
Red Thread RTD Dreamy 12/10 Oz
Red Thread RTD Nicar 12/10 Oz
Red Thread RTD Sumat 12/10 Pz