The Bunn Twin Airpot is an airpot drip brewer system. Coffee brews through one of the two brew heads into a waiting airpot. The brewer is compatible with airpots ranging from 1.9 to 3 liters. Each airpot can keep coffee hot and fresh for several hours.

The Bunn Twin Airpot brewer plumbs-in to your water line, but also has pour-over capability on both sides. This brewer also features a hot water faucet, as well as the innovative SplashGard funnel to protect the user’s hand from hot liquids.

As with thermal systems, airpots eliminate the need for hot plates to maintain brewed coffee’s temperature, prolonging its freshness. However, in serving, airpot dispensers utilize a pump system, rather than the gravity-fed spigot found with thermal dispensers.