The Newco NK-L3AF is a glass pot drip brewer system. It has three hot plates, which can be independently shut off, or used to heat multiple pots of coffee at once. It features a ready brew light and a hot water faucet for soup, tea, and cocoa. The NK-L3AF plumbs-in to a water line, but has back-up pour-over functionality as well.

One key advantage of the NK-L3AF is its slender, 9.5″ footprint. Its sister model, the NK-LP3AF, has identical features but is configured with the additional hot plates to the side instead of on top of the machine. The NK-LP3AF is therefore a “low-profile” alternative, fitting under most table-top cabinets due to its low height (under 17″).

Drip coffee brewers became popular in the 1960’s and are still widely used in offices and restaurants. They can make excellent coffee, but it will begin to lose its fresh taste after 20 minutes on the hot plate. The less coffee left in the pot, the faster it will deteriorate.