Go Green with CDC and Emerald

CDC proudly carries Emerald sustainable products. If you are looking to stock your break room with eco-friendly and sustainable paper goods and cutlery, check out our Emerald options!

Emerald uses innovative technology to make Tree-Free products and petroleum free renewable materials like bagasse, wheat, clay, corn, and more. You may be asking, “What is Tree-Free?” Well, the answer is simple. A product that is Tree-Free is made without the use of tree-based fibers. CDC carries a variety of Emerald’s Tree-Free products- Plates, Bowls, and Paper Goods. There are many environmental benefits to using Tree-Free products in your break room such as reduced air pollution and conserved water.

Emerald also carries Plant to Plastic products, which look and feel just like traditional plastics, but are very different. The “plastic” Emerald uses to make products are made with PLA, a material derived from renewable resources like corn starch, or sugarcane, or PHA, material made from the fermentation of feedstocks. CDC carries Emerald’s compostable Plant to Plastic straws.

On top of the unique Tree-Free and Plant to Plastic Emerald products we carry, we can also supply you with Emerald’s compostable cutlery.

Check out CDC’s 2020 Environmental Impact Savings with Emerald’s sustainable products below!