We sold over 16 million K-Cups in 2014, so it’s only natural to be curious what the top sellers were.

87.9% of our K-Cup sales were coffee, 11% Tea, and 1.1% Indulgence drinks.

Green Mountain as a brand made up two-thirds of the sales, with the next most popular brand being Starbucks, at 6.8%.




Out of over 100 SKU’s, amazingly, Green Mountain Dark Magic alone accounted for 9.2% of K-Cup sales! Below is the rest of the top ten drinks of 2014:

  • Green Mountain Dark Magic (GMKDM)
  • Green Mountain Fair Trade Colombian (GMKS)
  • Green Mountain French Roast (GMKF)
  • Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (GMKBB)
  • Green Mountain Hazelnut (GMKH)
  • Green Mountain French Vanilla (GMKFV)
  • Coffee People Donut Shop Original (KDONUT)
  • Green Mountain Nantucket Blend (GMKNAN)
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea (GMKGT)
  • Starbucks Pike Place (KPP)