Flavia single-cup brewers from Mars Drinks are our most popular office coffee solution. In 2011, coffee made up 69.9% of our Mars Drinks product sales, tea made up 21.9% of sales, and indulgence drinks made up 8.2% of sales. Below are our top sellers for the year:




2011 Top Ten Selling Mars Drinks For Flavia Brewers:

  • Alterra Coffee Colombia
  • Alterra Coffee French Roast
  • Alterra Coffee Hazelnut
  • Alterra Coffee House Blend
  • Alterra Coffee French Vanilla
  • Bright Tea English Breakfast
  • Alterra Coffee Morning Roast
  • Alterra Coffee Espresso Roast
  • Flavia Dove Hot Chocolate
  • Alterra Coffee Decaf House Blend


Flavia C400 Brewer With Merchandiser

Flavia C400 Brewer With Merchandiser


In addition to this top ten, there are a wide variety of additional coffee, tea, and indulgence options. For a complete list, follow these links to learn more about Alterra Coffee, Bright Tea, and to request a free trial of a Flavia brewer for your office.