We don’t just wear the color green, we think green — continually striving to make our operation as eco-friendly as possible. In late 2010, we installed solar panels on our warehouse roof, offsetting a significant percentage of our electricity needs. On weekends, when CDC closes down, the excess power we generate flows back into the local power grid.

Through our optional Packets-To-Energy Program, we pick up our customers’ spent Flavia, K-Cup,and Lavazza packets, and bring them to a nearby waste-to-energy power plant. Our waste is recycled into clean energy, and we put the proceeds towards expanding our participation in New York’s Adopt-A-Highway program, which keeps our roads clean.

Save money and save the environment! The easiest way for you to do your part is to order in bulk wherever possible. Do you currently order once per week? Reduce your “carbon footprint” (and your delivery fee) by doubling your order sizes and ordering half as often!