Bottled Water By The Case

In addition to leasing and servicing water coolers, CDC sells bottled water by the case. We carry many major brands including: Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, Dasani, Deer Park, Evian, Fiji, Glaceau, Keeper Springs, Naya, Perrier, Poland Spring, San Pellegrino, Saratoga, Three Springs, Vermont Pure, and Volvic.

Bottled water is available in just about every imaginable size, from 300ml shots, to on-the-go “sport tops,” to gallon jugs with spigots. Order by the case, for delivery along with your regular order of coffee, soda, juice, snacks, and paper products. Every cooler we install is equipped with Water Block and Flood Buzz devices.

Need Water?

Give your associates and guests lasting refreshment with bottled water from CDC. Contact us today to get started.

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