estate-select-logoEstate Select Coffee is our private-label line of premium coffees roasted by our partners at Eldorado Coffee in Queens, NY. We source only the finest coffee beans from around the world to create this wide selection of rich coffee known as Estate Select Coffee. Read the blend descriptions below to learn about each of these unique coffees.

Bean coffee: Our roasters carefully select the finest beans from the best coffee-growing regions around the world, then roast them at just the right time and temperature to draw out the ideal flavors and aromas.  These coffees are available in bags ranging from one to five pounds.

Ground coffee: Our premium beans ground to exact specifications to maintain consistent aroma, flavor and freshness.  These coffees are available in frac packs and urn bags, ranging from less than two ounces to well over a pound.

Pod Coffee: We roast and pack a full line of coffees especially for the Newco Fresh Cup Pod Brewer.  These coffees routinely outperform Flavia and Keurig in blind taste tests, and are available to you at a discount compared to the brand name single-cup systems.

CDC Decaf

No need to give up rich coffee flavor while cutting down on caffeine. 100% Colombian Decaf is European processed for an uncompromising taste.

Central Park

A perfect marriage of fine Central American and Colombian coffees, all mountain grown Arabica, brought to a full city-roast to unlock all the enticing aroma and flavor that these excellent coffees possess.

City Roast

Our special blend selected and roasted to recreate the experience of your favorite local diner. This blend is roasted a bit darker than our Pride of Colombia and uses only 100% Arabica beans.

Colombian Supremo

The very finest coffee that Colombia has to offer.

Costa Rican Tarrazu

This coffee comes from the Tarrazu region south of San Jose. It is prized for its high acidity, excellent body, and full complex flavor.

Donut Shoppe Blend

Get the same great “big donut chain” taste without leaving the office!

El Salvador

Our newest coffee is a sweet tasting Rain Forest bean sourced from the Las Zerro Ranas plantation. We developed this brew at the request of a leading investment bank that was looking for the ultimate coffee, where it won out in a blind taste test over the “big name” brands. This may be our best coffee yet!

Estate Select Colombian

100% Colombian coffee roasted slightly darker than our Pride of Colombia label for those who enjoy a full bodied, but smooth tasting cup of coffee.

Estate Select Flavored Coffees

Our selection includes Chocolate-Raspberry, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Swiss Mocha Almond, Cinnamon-Hazelnut, Irish Delight, Vanilla-Hazelnut, and Simply Sinful.

French Roast

A fine blend of high-grown Arabica coffee beans brought to a high roast. Our computer controlled roasting process is able to achieve a smooth, bold taste without crossing the fine line to burnt.

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Guatemalan Certified Organic

Grown at high altitudes without pesticides or manufactured fertilizers. It offers a distinctively sweet, smoky personality which distinguishes it from other prized coffees from Central America.

Kenya AA

Probably Africa’s finest; has a full body, delicate acidity, smooth winey flavor and aroma with a dry winey aftertaste. Very popular with coffee aficionados.

Kenyan Blend

Known for their intense aroma of lush, ripe blackberries these larger than average beans produce a full-bodied coffee; dry and winey, rich and lively. We blend them in a 2:1 ratio with fine Colombian Excelso to produce an excellent blend that is brightly acidic with no bitterness.

Kona Style

A distinctive blend of coffees from Central America and the Big Island of Hawaii. It captures the light body and sweetness of Kona with perfect balance and flavor.

Mocha Java

A blend of Ethiopian and Indonesian Java coffees, often referred to as the Original Blend. Full-bodied, with spicy overtones, roasted medium dark for a truly distinctive character.

Pride of Colombia

Our “Flagship” coffee, imported for us directly from select estates in Colombia — 100% Excelso Grade Colombian Coffee — it’s superb!

Sumatra Mandheling

Of the world’s finest coffees, this is arguably the most admired. Gentle, with a long finish, its richness and complexity make it the ideal coffee to take with cream. From the central part of northern Sumatra, one of the Indonesian islands, this wonderful, very intense coffee is highly desirable. In the cup, this coffee possesses a heavy, full body, concentrated spicy, earthy and robust taste with an herbal aroma, all with little acidity.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Colombian

High-grade “European prepped” Colombian coffees are put through a patented Swiss Water wash to remove 98% of the caffeine, while leaving all the taste and aroma you expect from a fine cup of coffee.

Three Bean Reserve

The perfect balance of three distinctive estate-grown coffees whose tastes complement each other when blended. The lush, winey Kenyan, spicy Guatemalan and the full-bodied Colombian Supremo provide the ultimate cup of coffee.

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