• Champagne
  • Ecotainer
  • Estate Select
  • Expo
  • Flavia/Alterra
  • Foam (plain)
  • Foam (Embossed)
  • Green Mountain
  • Jazz
  • Lavazza
  • Perfect Touch
  • Plastic (Clear)
  • Plastic (Translucent)
  • Soho
  • Starbucks
  • Tree PCF
  • Lids
  • White


We carry a variety of paper and plastic cups — along with the dome and flat lids that fit them. When picking out your ideal cup, you have a few considerations — the size (ounces), the material (paper, plastic, foam), and the printing style. Hover over the list on the right to see the various styles.

Finding the Right Lid

Having the right lid for your cup allows you to transport your beverages without worrying about spills.  We carry a diverse selection of lids to ensure you always have the right lid for whatever cup your carrying.