The Avalon Petite X is a single-cup, bean-to-cup brewer for high volume locations. It is similar to the uber-versatile Total 1 coffee kiosk, but with a smaller footprint, no touch screen, and not quite as many brew options.

The Petite X features three coffee bean hoppers (4 lbs, 2 lbs, 4 lbs) and two internal canisters (2.5 lbs, 0.7 lbs) for solubles such as cocoa and cappuccino or French vanilla mix. The user is given the choice of three different coffees, long espresso, mochaccino, cafe latte, hot cocoa, or hot water for tea drinkers.

At a push of a button, beans are ground fresh and brewed while you wait, one cup at a time. The brewer offers the choice of two cup sizes and two programmable brew strengths.