The Curtis RU-300 is a large commercial urn brewer, with twin 3-gallon reservoirs. Designed for quick and easy brewing in high volume locations, it can produce up to 25 gallons of coffee per hour. The RU-600 model is even larger, with twin 6-gallon reservoirs.

Once the filter and ground coffee have been loaded into the brew basket, the RU-300 starts brewing at the touch of a button. Its spray head is evenly saturates the coffee grounds to maximize extraction. The RU-300 also has a front-mounted hot water faucet that can be used for soup, tea, or cocoa, without affecting the brew cycle.

The familiar restaurant urn is actually a giant drip brewer. The coffee is surrounded by a jacket of hot water, which keeps the coffee hot without cooking it. The urn is an excellent solution for serving a large volume of coffee from a single location in a short period of time. CDC Sales Executives are available to help teach café managers and operators the best practices of brewing and maintenance.