EcoStream POU Coolers

EcoStream POU Coolers

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*We recommend regular filter changes for all our plumbed-in coffee and water equipment. Ask your CDC representative for more information about this service.

EcoStream POU Coolers

Point-of-use (POU) water systems are an alternative to the traditional bottled water cooler. These filtered water systems plumb directly into your existing water line, yielding an unlimited supply of clean, hot and cold water at the push of a button. Many offices opt for a point-of-use water cooler to eliminate the hassle, expense, and environmental impact of plastic bottles.

Filtered water is available to you via a full-size cabinet, or in a counter-top version that stands less than 18 inches tall. Both feature a replaceable filter, anti-microbial waterways, and ultraviolet sanitizing.

Every cooler we install is equipped with Water Block and Flood Buzz devices.

Table-Top Model: EcoStream IPC2U
Full Size Model: EcoStream IP2U

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