The Newco NK-PPAF is an airpot drip brewer system. Coffee brews directly into an airpot, which typically holds 2.2 liters and is used as a server. Each airpot can keep coffee hot and fresh for several hours.

The Newco NK-PPAF is only 9.5″ wide to fit on even the most limited counter space. It plumbs-in to an existing water line, but also has backup pour-over capability. The NK-PPAF also features a ready light to alert when optimal brew temperature has been reached, and a hot water faucet for tea, soup, and cocoa drinkers.

As with thermal systems, airpots eliminate the need for hot plates to maintain brewed coffee’s temperature, prolonging its freshness. However, in serving, airpot dispensers utilize a pump system, rather than the gravity-fed spigot found with thermal dispensers. The pump system is a bit faster in dispensing, but the added parts require more attention in the daily cleaning routine.