New Starbucks K-Cup Lineup

The lineup and case counts of Starbucks K-Cups available in the office coffee channel is changing. Starbucks K-Cups will now be available in 24-count boxes (4 boxes per case), the same selling quantity as the other brands of K-Cups that we sell. We will be able to offer 4 different coffees, including two new introductions…. Read more »

New Item: Mini Marshmallows

Hot cocoa mix (Swiss Miss or Nestle) has always been a popular item, and the packets are available with marshmallows. But if you get your hot chocolate through a single-cup coffee brewer, or if you want to control the volume of marshmallows in your cup, you were out of luck — until now. We now… Read more »

Alterra Kenya Discontinued

Mars Drinks has discontinued production of Alterra Kenya coffee, and last night we sold out of our remaining supply. Of the entire line of Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas for the Flavia single-cup office coffee brewer, Kenya was our slowest seller. From the same “Medium and Bright” category, Alterra Ethiopia is the suggested replacement for… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Transition

Our previously-blogged switch-over from Solo cups to International Paper cups includes a transition of our eco-friendly paper cups, from Solo’s “Bare” brand to International Paper’s “Tree” brand. Like Bare cups, Tree cups are considered “green” because they are made with post-consumer fiber. You will see this referenced with the acronym “PCF.”     The new Tree cups… Read more »

Paper Cup Conversion: Envy To Expo

We are currently transitioning our paper cups from the Solo brand to the International Paper brand — from one high-quality, big name manufacturer to another. The biggest impact is a change in design for our most popular line of paper cups. The “Envy” design is being phased out, and replaced with a new “Expo” design…. Read more »

Recall: Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats And Assorted

As of October 8th, 2012 we have received notification from the manufacturer that two products we carry are subject to limited recall. The items affected are Kellogg’s Bite-Sized Frosted Mini Wheats Self-Serve Bowls 96/1 oz (code: KELFMW) and Kellogg’s Favorite Assorted Bowl Packs 96/cs (code: KELLBOWL).     The recall is limited to product with… Read more »

Save Over $3 Per Case With Diedrich K-Cups!

Are you a K-Cup customer? Looking to save money? Switch brands to Diedrich and save on every case!     Diedrich is a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters brand, and these K-Cups are approved for use with your Keurig single-cup coffee brewer. This new lineup includes the following 4 coffees: French Roast (code: KDFR) A dark… Read more »

Workplace Energy Drinks: ENERJI, Red Bull, 5-Hour

Coffee Distributing Corp. sells a lot more than just coffee. With energy drinks exploding in popularity, we are excited to introduce our newest product line: Celestial Seasonings Green Tea ENERJI shots. ENERJI is an all-natural drink option that harnesses caffeine from Green Tea, coupled with ingredients such as purified water, evaporated cane juice, ginseng, B-vitamins,… Read more »

Seasonal Alterra Pumpkin Spice Is Back!

The first seasonal coffee for the Flavia single-coffee system was such a hit last year that Mars Drinks has brought it back for a second second straight Fall season. Welcome back Alterra Pumpkin Spice! Since this limited-production seasonal coffee is so popular with our customers, CDC has reserved as much allocation as we could get… Read more »

Seasonal Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin Spice is by far our most popular seasonal flavored coffee offering from Green Mountain, and it is officially in stock. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is available in K-Cups (code: GMKPUMP) and in 2.2 ounce ground frac packs (code: X395).     Green Mountain’s product description: Indulge in the… Read more »

Alterra Kona Blend Temporarily Unavailable

Kona coffee, grown exclusively in Hawaii, has always been known as one of the world’s more expensive coffees (that’s why you will often see Kona advertised as a “blend” with Colombian and/or Brazilian beans, rather than 100% pure Kona). Since 2010, the price of Kona has risen even further due to a supply shock —… Read more »

Bright Tea Select Green Replaces Japanese

Mars Drinks has de-listed Bright Tea Japanese Green Tea from its menu of drink options for the Flavia single-cup brewer, and effective today, we have sold out of our remaining supply. The Bright Tea line still has two green teas. Select Green (code: BTGT) is the recommended substitute for fans of Japanese Green Tea. The… Read more »

New Product: Umpqua Oats Oatmeal

We’re excited about our newest product offering — Umpqua Oats! This is a top-quality oatmeal. Each serving comes in its own eat-and-go cup, for maximum convenience.     Umpqua Oats uses only the best, all-natural ingredients. Just check the nutrition label — a short, pronounceable ingredient list is always a good sign. Notable is Umpqua’s… Read more »

Starbucks K-Cups For The Office

Starbucks K-Cups, previously sold only through retail channels, are now available for office delivery by CDC!     This new line includes six different coffees, ranging from blonde (light) to dark: Veranda Blend (KSBV) (Blonde) Roasting this blend of specially chosen Latin American beans for a shorter time allows the delicate nuances of soft cocoa… Read more »

Starbucks Beans New Case Size

Starbucks one-pound bags of beans, previously packed 12 per case, are now sold 6 per case. We carry a wide variety of Starbucks whole bean coffees, including: Breakfast Blend (SBUCKBB) Caffe Verona (SBUCKV1) Decaf Caffe Verona (SBUCKVD) Decaf House Blend (SBUCKD1) French Roast (SBUCKFR) House Blend (SBUCKH1) Pikes Place (SBUCKPP1) Sumatra (SBUCKS1)     Brew… Read more »