NYC Foam Container Ban Overturned

Technically, New York City instituted a ban on the sale of foam cups, plates, bowls, and containers in July – although we have been in the midst of a six-month grace period with no enforcement. Now, a judge has thrown out the ban entirely. New York Times: Judge Strikes Down New York City’s Ban on… Read more »

Which Lid Fits Which Cup?

Cups and lids can be quite confusing –and frustrating, if you end up with lids that don’t fit your coffee cups. For example, a 10 ounce “tall” cup uses one type of lid, while a 10 ounce “squat” cup requires a different lid. To help out, we have a Cups and Lids Page on our… Read more »

Estate Select Cups Now Available!

Exciting news: our branded Estate Select cups are now available! These are the same style hot paper cups that we have been selling for years, now available with our Estate Select artwork instead of the generic “envy” design.     Estate Select cups are currently available in four sizes: 10 ounce “squat” (ESCUP10), 12 ounce… Read more »

Cup Style Designs: Envy vs. Jazz vs. Bistro…

  Of course, we sell all of the ancillary products that go with your coffee of choice — starting with cups. In fact, we sell so many types of cups that it can be confusing at times. Even once you’ve decided that you prefer paper (we also carry foam and plastic) and you’ve settled on… Read more »