Milk Delivery Inspection Report

CDC’s warehouse and delivery vehicles recently underwent a routine inspection by the New York State Department of Agriculture. Attached is the report we were issued as a result of the inspection — we are proud to say that we passed with flying colors! As a milk/dairy dealer, we have to be very careful about how… Read more »

Employee of the Month December 2012

Congratulations Oswaldo, CDC’s December 2012 Employee of the Month! Oswaldo, a member of our AM warehouse crew, has worked at CDC for four-and-a-half years. Specializing in our paper aisle, he has always been diligent in his warehouse duties, helping to keep products neat, accessible, and properly rotated.     Like many of our staff members,… Read more »

New CDC Vans Are Born!

As we speak, the newest generation of CDC vans are being prepared for their debut. We are phasing in brand new, sleek, fuel-efficient Ford Transit Vans to replace the larger vans that have traditionally been used by our army of repair technicians. Once we finish equipping them with the famous Coffee Distributing Corp. decals, these… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Reduced!

Our fuel surcharge policy is to share both the ups and the downs of the energy market with our customers. With gas prices falling lately, we are pleased to announced that we have lowered our per-invoice fuel surcharge from $2.00 to $1.75. The most recent PADD Data for the New England region, dated 10/10/11, reports… Read more »

Safety First! CDC Trucks Have Back-Up Cameras

Little things can make a big difference. Not only do we try to make our trucks fun to look at (just ask the folks over at, but we are also committed to safety — both for our drivers and for those with whom we share the road.     That’s why, for several years… Read more »

Gas Prices Down, CDC’s Fuel Surcharge Drops!

Plenty of companies tack on fuel surcharges — justifiably so — when gas prices jump, increasing the cost of doing business. But how many companies readily scale those fuel surcharges back when costs come back down? Coffee Distributing Corp. does just that — for example, today, when we dropped our fuel surcharge from $2.25 to… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Now $2.25 Per Invoice

Gas prices remain in the news, and the news isn’t great. As per our fuel surcharge policy of following fluctuations in our price at the pump, our per-invoice fuel surcharge is now $2.25.     As soon as the price of fuel comes back down, so will our surcharge. As of 4/18/11, PADD data for… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Now $2.00 Per Invoice

Gas and diesel prices continue to rise. Reflecting our fuel surcharge policy of mimicking fluctuations in our price at the pump, our per-invoice fuel surcharge is now $2.00.     As soon as the price of fuel comes back down, so will our surcharge. As of 3/14/11, PADD data for the New England Region pegs… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Now $1.75 Per Invoice

Thanks to recent events in the Middle East, gas and diesel prices have been on the rise. Our fuel surcharge policy ties our per-invoice surcharge to our price of fuel.   As a result, effective immediately the fuel surcharge is now $1.75 per invoice. The good news is that as soon as gas prices come… Read more »

A Fair Fuel Surcharge Policy

We strongly believe that a fuel surcharge should not be a profit center, or a sneaky way to impose hidden costs on customers. Throughout most of our history, CDC did not even assess a fuel surcharge. A few years ago, when gas prices began escalating at a rate far exceeding inflation, we reluctantly decided to… Read more »

How Can You Tell Which TV Shows Are Filmed In NYC?

Look for the CDC Trucks, a truly authentic NYC touch! Found all around the New York – New Jersey – Connecticut Tri-State area! Does “CSI New York” send Gary Sinise to Toronto? Fogetaboutit!     Is “30 Rock” with Tina Fey really filmed in Hollywood? Blerg!     Is “Bethenny Frankel Getting Married?” reality television? Well, we… Read more »

The Next Generation Of Fuel Efficient Service Vans

In the past two weeks, our devoted fans over at have been buzzing with sightings around Manhattan of the newest CDC van, #48.     The Ford Transit Van is the newest model in our fleet, being introduced for select repair routes, starting with our vending department. This model is significantly smaller than our… Read more »