Akua Kyerematen Nettey founded Berry Bissap with the intent to bring a very well-known beverage in West Africa to the Western consumer. In January of 2019, Berry Bissap was introduced to the market in the Hudson Valley area of New York and later into the NYC area during mid to late 2020. Since then, this floral and fruity beverage has made its way into stores across the United States picking up admirers along the way.

What is Bissap?

Bissap is a spiced hibiscus beverage that originated in Senegal and is now a staple throughout West Africa. Berry Bissap is refreshing with a hint of sweetness and tartness. It is enjoyed in different parts of the world, and called different names in each location, In Ghana where Akua’s parents are from it’s called Sobolo and in the Caribbean it’s called Sorrel. Bissap is usually served cold but can be enjoyed hot depending on the drinker’s preference.

Berry Bissap is sourced by CDC in the three varieties listed below. Enjoy!

  • 92421 Berry Bissap Cinnamon Citrus Spiced Hibiscus Tea (12oz)
  • 92422 Berry Bissap Mixed Berry Spiced Hibiscus Tea (12oz)
  • 92420 Berry Bissap Original Spiced Hibiscus Tea (12oz)