Open Water – More Water. Less Plastic.

The smooth, crisp, and refreshing taste of Open Water is made in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles. They are great for on the go with an aluminum twist off cap. Owners Nic and Jess started open water in 2014 with a goal in mind of eliminating 1 billion plastic bottles over the next five years. Plastic… Read more »

The latest trending products brought to you by CDC!

We’re bringing you a variety snacks and beverages that have caught our attention! There’s something for everyone from teas, sports drinks, dried fruits, nuts, chips, cheese balls and cookies. Prepare your tastebuds for a wild ride as you’re going to want to try EVERYTHING! The Ryl Company Ryl Tea has 0g sugar, 0 calories, nothing… Read more »

Early Bird and Undercover – Crunchy, Sweet and Delicious!

Do you sometimes you need a good crunch to make it through the workday, but don’t know which crunchy snack to reach for first? Chips? Nuts? Maybe the office favorite . . . pretzels? Anything you choose won’t satisfy the craving quite like Undercover Chocolate Covered Quinoa Crisps and Early Bird Granola. These tasty snacks… Read more »

Tosi and Bobo’s – a wondrous experience in every bite!

Founded by mother daughter duo Stefanie and Chelsea Hults in 2012, Tosi which means “True” in Finnish, are plant-based snack bars. Low in sugar, made with almonds, cashews, other nuts, chia, and flax seeds, for a mix of fiber and healthy fats! This means you can feel good about each bite you take of a… Read more »

December’s Trending Snacks

Take a peek at December’s Newest trending snacks and coffee selection. This month’s collection features a range of delightfully indulgent snacks, coffee and more! Read more about the stories behind December’s snacks and Coffee below. Javamelts Javamelts is a certified woman owned company started by Carolyn with the goal to inspire, motivate and encourage her… Read more »

Dairy-Free Products You Need in Your Break Room

Dairy Free Products You Need In Your Break Room

Whether you are dairy intolerant, vegan or just looking to incorporate some more dairy-free products into your diet, we have you covered! Dairy-free coffees, milks, snacks, yogurts and more- you name it we have it. Add some of these dairy-free products to your break room! Cold Brew Don’t let dairy stop you from enjoying your… Read more »

May’s Trending Snacks & Beverages

Browse through May’s new selection of trending snacks. This month’s selection features a range of snacks and beverages- from women-owned to minority-owned to ethically and locally sourced, each item is unique. We have a product for everybody, no matter what your dietary restriction is! Read more about May’s snacks and beverages and their fascinating stories… Read more »

Holiday Snacks & Beverages

holiday snacks beverages

When you think of the holiday season, what do you think of? Gingerbread? Candy Canes? Eggnog? White Chocolate? Hazelnut? Well, you’re in luck! We have all the snacks and beverages you need to help you and your associates get into the holiday spirt. Gingerbread Everybody loves making a classic gingerbread house surrounded by loved ones… Read more »

Fall Snacks & Beverages

Fall Snacks Beverages

You Won’t Be-Leaf How Great CDC’s Fall Selection is! The leaves are changing, there is a crisp smell in the air and PUMPKIN is back- it is officially fall! Nothing screams fall more than pumpkin, apple and chai. Luckily for you we are fully prepared to bring fall to your break room. We are so… Read more »

Give Kombucha a Try, Bucha Waiting For!

Bucha waiting for

Bucha Waiting for! What is Kombucha? Kombucha (kuhm·boo·chuh) is a fermented tea that is often described as a fizzy sweet-and-sour beverage. It was first brewed in China and then slowly became popular all over the world. The United States quickly hopped on the kombucha trend due to its reputation as a health and energy drink!… Read more »

New and Exclusive Coffee Experience

CDC had teamed up with Muldoon’s to bring you a new and exclusive coffee experience! Muldoon’s Hand Roasted Coffee is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster. The company’s roots began in Glasgow, Scotland. However, they soon relocated to Toronto, Canada- where they are still operate today. Muldoon’s Coffee only uses top grade Arabica specialty green coffee… Read more »

Professional Cleaning Service by Ready Refresh

Coffee Distributing Corp. and Ready Refresh’s Professional Cleaning Service has you covered! CDC has teamed up with Ready Refresh to provide your office water bottle coolers with a state-of-the-art professional cleaning service experience. Ready Refresh’s Professional Cleaning Service technicians clean and sanitize all dispensers through a rigorous multistep process making it easy for you to… Read more »

Spring Snacks & Beverages

Spring has sprung! CDC has the perfect snacks and beverages to help you enjoy the nice weather and new blossoms. This spring, cold brew and flavored sparkling water are expected to be the trending beverage of choice.   Here is the full list of spring snacks and beverages to stock your break room with: Bare… Read more »

Food To Suit Your Mood

Did you know that eating the right foods at the certain times throughout the day can make you feel happier, calmer, and more productive? The next time you’re craving a bite to eat, keep these insights in mind. How Often Should I Eat? Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day is a great way to… Read more »