Fall Snacks & Beverages You Need

It is officially fall! It is time to consume as much apple cinnamon, caramel, pecan and of course pumpkin flavors as possible- even though we have been indulging in all the fall flavors since September 1st. Browse through all our favorite fall snacks and beverages you absolutely need in your break room to help get… Read more »

Nuts for Nuts

Nuts for Nuts

Take a deeper dive into our favorite nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans and more! Nuts are a great bite for work- a quick and easy snack that will keep your associated fueled for the day ahead. Almonds Almonds are known for their nutty, earthy, toasty and sometimes bitter taste. A single serving of almonds makes… Read more »

Six Tips on How to Stay Hydrated

Hydration tips

Beat the August heat by staying hydrated. Hydration is crucial for many reasons, some being to regulate body temperature, keep joints loose, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Continue reading to learn six easy ways to stay hydrated! 1- Don’t Wait Until You Are Thirsty To Drink Water By the… Read more »

Turn Up The Heat With These Spicy Products

It is time to break a sweat and turn up the heat this summer! That’s right, we are breaking out our hottest and not so hot condiments, chips, jerkies and more. Hesitant to add some extra spice in your life? Check out our spice guide below to see where to start, we have something that… Read more »

Summer Snacks & Beverages

Happy first day of summer! Can you believe it is already summer?! It’s the season of kids making a splash into pools, sand in between your toes, beautiful sunsets and refreshing snacks and beverages. Stock your break room with these latest and greatest snacks and beverages this summer, your associates will thank you! Sanzo Founder… Read more »

Keto-Friendly Snacks

Keto-Friendly Snacks

A Ketogenic lifestyle, otherwise known as the Keto diet is a low-carb diet that focuses on the idea of consuming most of your daily calories through proteins and fats and less from carbohydrates. This somewhat difficult, yet popular diet can lead to complicated snacking for your associates. Don’t let that be the case, and stock… Read more »

Trendy Water Brands That Will Make You Want To Drink Water

Trendy Water Brands

Sometimes drinking water can be so… blah. It seems like most people struggle to stay hydrated and find drinking water to be the most mundane task. However, it is crucial to stay hydrated in order for our bodies to properly function. Try one (or all) of the seven trendy water brands listed below. Believe it… Read more »

Vegan Snacking

vegan snacks

No one should feel like they need to sacrifice good snacking due to a lifestyle change- for example veganism. Here at CDC, we have a great variety of vegan snacks. The best part is… you don’t have to be on a vegan diet to enjoy and soak in the nutrients from these snacks! In general,… Read more »

Spring Snacks & Beverages

Spring Snack Beverages

And just like that, the snow has melted, and flowers are beginning to bud- spring is here! Celebrate the start of a new season with these trendy spring snacks and beverages. Cocojune Yogurt The strong probiotic properties in Cocojune’s yogurts makes it the perfect spring yogurt to enjoy. Their probiotics are science-backed. They have teamed… Read more »

Plant-Based Energy Drinks

Looking to feel energized but tired of caffeine? Try sipping on a plant-based energy drink. Plant-based energy drinks provide you with a natural boost of energy utilizing properties from healthy adaptogenic herbs and superfoods. Plus, did you know these energy drinks also promote de-stressing, mental clarity, and relaxation? Why do we suggest drinking plant-based energy drinks over… Read more »

How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4th, and we know all the tips and tricks to help ensure your associates feel the appreciation they deserve. It is important to show gratitude to your employees to show their hard work does not go unnoticed. So how do you properly celebrate Employee Appreciation Day? Below are five… Read more »

Cookies For All Dietary Restrictions!

Cookies Dietary Restrictions

Nothing is better than dunking a delicious cookie in a glass of milk on a cold winters’ day. Here at CDC, we understand that people may have dietary restrictions, but that is no reason to not be able to enjoy cookies! Navigate your way through our delicious cookie selection, with our categorized cookie list. Keto-Friendly… Read more »

Black-Owned Brands

Black-Owned Brands

In honor of Black History Month, we want to shine light on the black-owned brands which we proudly carry. From sweet treats to bold coffee, you can support black-owned brands while enjoying delicious snacks and beverages. Partake Denise Woodard, founder and CEO of Partake, felt a responsibility to not only run a successful company, but… Read more »

Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant Filled Products

Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Products

The winter time is always a great time to focus on building your immunity, though you should always want to keep it strong! Opposed to warmer weathered seasons, the low temperatures of winter allows for viruses to better replicate and become stable. Consuming anti-inflammatory and antioxidant filled products are a great and easy way to… Read more »

How to Properly Start the New Year

New Year

A new year symbolizes a fresh start for many. This can be perceived as new routines, new mindsets and it can even mean a new mindful approach to eating. Mindful eating is a great new years resolution as it is not a diet, but it is becoming more aware of the ingredients you put into… Read more »