Looking to feel energized but tired of caffeine? Try sipping on a plant-based energy drink. Plant-based energy drinks provide you with a natural boost of energy utilizing properties from healthy adaptogenic herbs and superfoods. Plus, did you know these energy drinks also promote de-stressing, mental clarity, and relaxation?

Why do we suggest drinking plant-based energy drinks over regular energy drinks?

Plant-Based Energy Drinks

Energy drinks that rely on synthetic caffeine, added sugar, and artificial ingredients are likely to create jitters and even a heavy crash. Plant-based energy drinks are on the rise, and it’s for the exact opposite reason! A plant-based energy drink will keep you fueled for the day with its healthy adaptogenic herbs and superfoods ingredients.


Runa Energy Drinks are powered by the super leaf guayusa. This leaf is brewed very similarly to tea but is not actually in the tea family. In fact, it contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Due to the unique balance of polyphenols and L-Theanine, the brewed guayusa leaf provides sustained energy, mental clarity, and focus without feeling a crash.

  • Runa Clean Energy Blood Orange (12oz)- SKU 51666         
  • Runa Clean Energy Original Unsweetened Lime (12oz)- SKU 51667             

Eboost Superfuel

Eboost Superfuel contains 110 mg of natural caffeine, all from green coffee seed and green tea to keep your mind and body moving. It also covers your daily health needs with tons of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, D, B6, B12 and Zinc. Eboost is the most awarded energy drink winning “Best New Energy Drink of 2021” and “Best Low Sugar Drink of 2021”.

  • Eboost Ginger Lime Superfuel (12oz)- SKU 76966               
  • Eboost Orange Mango Superfuel (12oz)- SKU 76021         
  • Eboost Strawberry Lemonade Superfuel (12oz)- SKU 76965        

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