JUST was inspired by a young Jayden Smith’s quest to do better, beginning as an introduction to the impact humans have on the environment became an obsession to do good. Because JUST is packaged in innovative paper boxes made from 100% recycled materials or infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles, you’ll know that when you drink JUST there won’t be more plastic leaching into your water or polluting our planet.

JUST offers both still and sparkling water in a variety of flavors to suit your preferences. Just Water (still) is sourced and packaged in the Adirondack Mountains here in New York State. Using Spring water from Glen Falls, NY means JUST is supporting the area with a new local business and new opportunity for jobs.

If you haven’t noticed by now this isn’t your average bottled water, the bright blue box is made of something special… PLANTS! Sugarcane, corn, soy, and switchgrass are all plants that can be transformed into plastic with the same functionality, but with a much lower carbon footprint than regular plastic bottles. Why? Because the plants can grow back, and the plastic made from them can be recycled. JUST Water bottles are made from 88% renewable resources, which means that the sources of the materials can grow back.

75358   Just Spring Water (11.2oz)                        Pack (24)

41114   Just Spring Water (16.9oz)                        Pack (12)

JUST Bubbles is sourced from a different location as to not overbear the natural spring and processing facility in Glen Falls. Far beneath the massive snowy mountains in Montana there is a spring that produces 90 million gallons of water every day. The natural limestone geography of the mountains infuses the spring water with a unique mineral content this produces a crisp, delicious, immaculate taste.

JUST Bubbles is bottled in a resealable 100% recyclable Aluminum bottle so you don’t have to drink the whole can in one sitting. Just like any other aluminum product, these bottles can be recycled continuously. Yay for environmentally conscious packaging and processes. We can make the world cleaner and healthier… one carton or aluminum bottle at a time.​

102559 Just Bubbles Cucumber (16oz)                 Pack (12)

102557 Just Bubbles Lemon (16oz)                       Pack (12)

102556 Just Bubbles Lime (16oz)                          Pack (12)

102555 Just Bubbles Original (16oz)                      Pack (12)

102560 Just Bubbles Valencia Orange (16oz)       Pack (12)

103015 Just Bubbles Watermelon (16oz)              Pack (12)