The idea behind Hu was Inspired by Co – Founder Jordan’s extensive health and wellness research as well as Jason’s (another Co – Founder) successful battles with auto-immune disease. Co-founders Jordan Brown, Jason Karp, and Jessica Karp wanted to make a change. Through experimentation and research on the gut-brain connection, the causes of systemic inflammation, additives on our health, immunity, and performance Hu was born. A chocolate that not only tastes good it’s good for you.

99350    Hu Chocolate Covered Almonds with Sea Salt Hunks (1oz)

99349    Hu Chocolate Covered Cashews with Vanilla Bean Hunks (1oz)

99348    Hu Mint Snacking Chocolate Gems (1oz)

99347    Hu Salty Snacking Chocolate Gems (1oz)

Zen Pudding

Incredibly creamy, rich, and indulgent Zen Pudding transforms your childhood ideas on what pudding should be. 100% plant based made with coconut milk and other simple organic ingredients, each spoonful is a smooth and creamy escape from the mundane.

99308    Zen Coconut Milk Chocolate Pudding (4.5oz)

99618    Zen Desserts Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding (4.5oz)

99617    Zen Desserts Peanut Butter Chocolate Pudding (4.5oz)

99616    Zen Desserts Vanilla Coconut Milk Pudding (4.5oz)

Wafer Ever Bar

Hitting that midday slump is hard for all of us, Ever Bar is made to help you keep you up when your energy is low. Crispy wafers and premium dark chocolate not only fuels but definitely satisfies. Ever Bar pairs perfectly with your coffee, latte, or cappuccino any time of day. These chocolate bars are perfect for snacking, school lunches, game day, parties as a light evening dessert.

78123    Ever Bar Dark Chocolate Wafer (1.2oz)

Hal’s New York Pretzels

Hal was also a little different. He did things his way, and to honor Hal, they make their Baked Pretzels a little differently too. Different is beautiful and it is delicious. The Cheese Minis have a powerful punch of cheddar that satisfies with every bite. The Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels are a beautiful combination of sweet and salty that will immediately leave you wanting more. There are never any artificial flavors or coloring used in Hal’s products.

99345    Hals New York Cheese Minis Pretzels (1.33oz)

99346    Hals New York Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Sticks (1.4oz)


Swoon is a new take on your old favorites. A tasty, deliciously healthier alternative to the lemonades and iced teas you grew up with. A tireless journey to fine a delicious drink with zero sugar led Jen and Cristina to develop a modern process of using the natural sweetness of monk fruit to bring the flavors of Swoon to life.  With a mission to make people happier and healthier, one drink at a time, Swoon is committed to celebrate and evolve the classics to create a better future for us all.

90662    Swoon Zero Sugar Classic Lemonade (12oz)

96921    Swoon Zero Sugar Half & Half Tea/Lemonade (12oz)

99343    Swoon Zero Sugar Peach Tea (12oz)

96920    Swoon Zero Sugar Pink Lemonade (12oz)


Dalci was founded by Najwa Khan, MPH, a health advocate. Najwa faced years of chronic pain & gut issues due to a processed diet. She was tired of bars & “healthy” snacks made with junk like natural flavors, bad oils & sugar alcohols. Dalci is a scrumptious no junk brownie that’s good for your gut and won’t cause stomach irritation.

99620    Dalci Gluten Free Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Blondie (1.8oz)

99619    Dalci Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Brownie (1.8oz)