Sanzo is the first Asian inspired sparkling water that only uses real fruit and has no added sugars. Born from a desire to bring Asian flavored beverages to the current trend of clean eating Sandro Roco founded Sanzo to bridge cultures by connecting people to authentic flavors. Since bubby water has been in the spotlight in the last few years, it a good idea to stand out and Sanzo does that by offering flavors that are readily available to the consumer.

Alphonso Mango

Alphonso Mango has a bold essence and radiant taste hailing from India. The Alphonso Mango is said to taste like sunshine due to its bright and sugary. Sanzo has done an immaculate job in capturing the true taste of the mango that has been kissed by the sun.

90451    Sanzo Alphonso Mango Sparkling Water (12oz)

Calamansi Lime

Calamansi are the perfect balance of tart lime with hints of tangerine. They are sometimes also referred to as Philippine limes, Philippine lemons, calamondin or my personal favorite The Golden Lime. No matter what you call them, they are refreshingly tart. The bright green peel hides a vibrant yellow center which is perfectly balanced for many recipes, but we’re happy to say Sanzo has done the work of sourcing, juicing, and mixing them into sparkling water for your pleasure.

90450    Sanzo Calamansi Lime Sparkling Water (12oz)

Yuzu with Ginger

The simplest way to describe Yuzu is that it’s a cross between a lemon and mandarin orange. It has a strong tart bite, which is why it’s usually used in recipes or mixed into beverages and not eaten on its own. Sanzo has done a phenomenal job at mastering the flavor of Yuzu and ginger to create a sparkling water that is aromatic, invigorating, and fresh.

93891    Sanzo Yuzu with Ginger Sparkling Water (12oz)


Lychee is a sweet and juicy tropical fruit that has hints of floral flavors as well as raspberry and grape. Originating from China, this fruit is a popular flavor in Asian cuisine. This fun fruit has vibrant pink “alligator skin”, white flesh and, a large seed but to skip the peeling and deseeding process we’re okay with drinking it. Sanso Lychee Sparkling Water will leave you restored and hydrated with every sip! Thanks, Sanzo!

90452    Sanzo Lychee Berry Sparkling Water (12oz)