The smooth, crisp, and refreshing taste of Open Water is made in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles. They are great for on the go with an aluminum twist off cap.

Owners Nic and Jess started open water in 2014 with a goal in mind of eliminating 1 billion plastic bottles over the next five years. Plastic bottles are a huge problem despite the worldwide availability of reusable bottles and refill stations.

I know you’re thinking that there are some water brands that are available in cartons and that they are marketed as being better for the environment. However, cartons are recycled less than plastic bottles. Only about 20% of cartons make it to recycling and about 40% of US households don’t have access to carton recycling, but everybody has access to aluminum recycling. In fact, current carton recycling rates are lower than plastic recycling rates.

Open water is on a mission to be the most sustainable bottled water company in the world. They have driven down carbon emissions and are the first climate neutral, certified water brand in the world.

Are you as enamored with Open Water as I am? It is not only good for the environment. It is great water from the time you open it to the moment you finish. Also available in 12 oz cans.

CDC is proud to support this Minority Owned, Women Owned, LBGT Owned Brand.

81146    Open Water Still Canned Water (12oz) Pack (12)

62647    Open Water Still Water (16oz) Pack (12)