It is time to break a sweat and turn up the heat this summer! That’s right, we are breaking out our hottest and not so hot condiments, chips, jerkies and more. Hesitant to add some extra spice in your life? Check out our spice guide below to see where to start, we have something that will suit every spice tolerance level! But hey, isn’t everything better with some extra spice?

MildMild Snacks

Not into spicy foods but feeling dangerous? Give our mild products a try! Enjoy the delicious flavors of spices with out the heat. Best described as a combination of hot sauce, ketchup and barbeque sauce.

  • Dang Sriracha Sticky Rice Chips #SRC20 (.7oz)- SKU 57862
  • Inka Chile Picante Plantain Chips (4oz)- SKU 53358
  • Sun Chips Garden Salsa (1.5oz)- SKU 3121
  • Think Jerky Sweet Chipotle (1oz)- SKU 68145

MediumMedium Snacks

Is your favorite appetizer buffalo wings? If so, then you will love our medium heat products! Each product is comfortably hot and won’t leave you running to find a glass of milk!

  • Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (.25oz, Box of 200)- SKU 24661
  • Andy Capp Hot Fries (.85oz)- SKU 7937
  • Nora Seaweed Snacks Tempura Spicy Flavor (1.6oz)- SKU 81044
  • Deep River Zesty Jalapeno Kettle Chips (2oz)- SKU 11493
  • Jacksons Honest Spicy Tomatillo Sweet Potato Chips in Avocado Oil (1.5oz)- SKU 92800
  • Think Jerky Sriracha Honey (1oz)- SKU 68144
  • Truly Good Kickin Cajun Party Mix (25lb) – SKU 43759
  • Green Mustache Spicyish Munchies Vegan & Gluten Free (1oz)- SKU 73156

HotHot Snacks

Are you the adventurous type? Do you enjoy the thrill of spice? The hot, fiery, burning sensation on your tongue? Indulge in our spicy products- we can’t make any promises, but you may start sweating!

  • Small Axe Peppers Queens 7 Hot Sauce (5oz)- SKU 81974
  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (17oz)- SKU 20976
  • Tabasco Pepper Sauce Original (5oz)- SKU 18766
  • Cheetos Flamin Hot (2oz)- SKU 2728
  • Primal Strips Hot & Spicy Shitake Mushroom Vegan Jerky (1oz)- SKU 70533
  • Sea Point Dry Roasted Edamame Spicy Wasabi (.79oz)- SKU 42619
  • Annie Chuns Wasabi Seaweed Snack (.35oz)- SKU 28880
  • Righteous Felon Habanero Beef & Pork Stick (1oz)- SKU 74045
  • Barcel Takis Fuego (2oz) – SKU 17996
  • Nongshim Spicy Shin Cup Noodle Soup (2.64oz)- SKU 33924

Extra HotExtra Hot Snacks

It’s time to bring in the heat with our extra hot products. These products will leave you running to find a loaf of bread and a gallon a milk. Try them if you dare!

  • Cholula Hot Sauce Packet (.25oz, Box of 200)- SKU 70751
  • Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce (10oz)- SKU 21042
  • Small Axe Peppers Red Hot Sauce (5oz)- SKU 81973
  • Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango Hot Sauce (5oz)- SKU 81976 (as seen on Hot Ones)

Explore CDC’s full product guide here.