CDC had teamed up with Muldoon’s to bring you a new and exclusive coffee experience!

Muldoon’s Hand Roasted Coffee is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster. The company’s roots began in Glasgow, Scotland. However, they soon relocated to Toronto, Canada- where they are still operate today. Muldoon’s Coffee only uses top grade Arabica specialty green coffee beans. Using traditional artesian roasting, they slow roast coffees individually in small batches to develop the best characteristics of each varietal. CDC is proud to offer you Muldoon’s as a new and exclusive coffee experience!

Here at CDC, we carry 15 different delicious varieties of Muldoon’s Singles.

Flavors include:

  • Big Smoke Espresso Singles
  • Caramel Sundae Singles
  • Colombian Decaf Medium Roast Singles
  • Donut Shop Light Roast Singles
  • Fair Trade Colombian Light Roast Singles
  • Flying Scotsman Dark Roast Singles
  • French Roast House Blend Dark Roast Singles
  • French Vanilla Sweet Cream Singles
  • Gingerbread Latte Singles
  • Guatemalan Dark Roast Singles
  • Hazelnut Café Singles
  • Highland Blend Medium Roast Singles
  • Pumpkin Spice Singles
  • Scottish Maple Shortbread Singles
  • Swiss Water Decaf Dark Roast Singles

We know what you are thinking, “What is a Muldoon’s Single?”

A Muldoon’s Single is much different than an ordinary coffee pod. Muldoon’s Singles allow for a craft roasted fresh taste and is packed with maximum coffee (up to 12g). Besides providing you with a fresh cup of coffee made from 100% Arabica Beans, Muldoon’s Singles are also 100% Omnidegradable.

With Muldoon’s Singles you can enjoy craft coffee worry free! When disposed, the omnidegradable packaging will break down and completely disappear, leaving behind only Water, CO2, and a small amount of organic biomass, all beneficial for plant growth.

New Exclusive Coffee Experience

Muldoon’s Singles compare to Coffee Pods

We know what you are thinking again, “Do Muldoon’s Singles work with my current coffee brewer?”

Yes, Muldoon’s Singles are compatible with all Newco pod brewers. The Muldoon’s Single Cup system offers a wide selection ranging from gourmet coffee to specialty beverages.

Oh, and did we mention Muldoon’s is only exclusively offered at Coffee Distributing Corp.! Stock your break room with Muldoon’s Coffee to change the way your associates enjoy coffee!