Do you sometimes you need a good crunch to make it through the workday, but don’t know which crunchy snack to reach for first? Chips? Nuts? Maybe the office favorite . . . pretzels? Anything you choose won’t satisfy the craving quite like Undercover Chocolate Covered Quinoa Crisps and Early Bird Granola. These tasty snacks are on two different sides of the snack spectrum yet satisfy the craving for something sweet and crunchy like no other snack item could.

Nekisia Davis is the owner of Early Bird Foods and Co. which is Woman and Queer owned and operated. For over 13 years she’s been delivering wholesome small batch granola created in Brooklyn NY (We love local brands). Not only is this granola fabulous on its own, but it’s even better on top of a mountain of yogurt and fruit, Yum!

Early Bird Granola is vegan, small batch granola made with high-quality ingredients for you to enjoy knowing that it was made by people that care. Each package states that it’s extra fancy granola and crazy good, we completely agree with this statement as it has become an employee favorite. My personal favorite is Kiss My Oats, which has a salty flavor with a subtly sweet finish. The complexity of flavors from such a simple product is what makes people keep coming back for more. That, and the limited amount of ingredients in each flavor for granola.

  • 91108 Early Bird Farmhands Choice Granola with Pecans (2oz)
  • 91109 Early Bird Jubilee Recipe Granola with Pistachios & Cherries (2oz)
  • 91110 Early Bird Kiss My Oats Granola with Rolled Oats & Maple (2oz)

Diana Levy is CEO and Co-owner of Undercover Snacks. Undercover Quinoa Crisps taste like a crunch bar or crispy treat, but are made with cleaner, simple, all natural ingredients. The taste of Undercover Chocolate Covered Quinoa Crisps is something you wouldn’t expect when someone tells you that this product is made with quinoa.

Undercover Quinoa crisps are delightfully sweet and remarkably delicious. The moment that you pop a quinoa crisp into your mouth, you are immediately met with a crunch and taste like no other, this treat is more satisfying than a crunchy chocolate bar. They are gluten-free, peanut free, allergen friendly, and made with healthy simple ingredients. They’re also packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients. We’re happy to say that this all-natural GMO-free product is made with verified rainforest alliance certified chocolate.

  • 86979 Undercover Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Crispy Quinoa (.25oz)
  • 86980 Undercover Milk Chocolate Crispy Quinoa (.25oz)