BLK & Bold specialty beverage was created by lifelong friends Pernell and Rod who grew up together in Gary, Indiana. In 2018 the pair founded BLK and Bold selling coffee and tea out of their headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. BLK & Bold is the Countries first black owned nationally distributed coffee brand, and they’ve partnered with many companies including our parent company Canteen.

Rise & GRND

Rise & GRND is a small batch creamy and sweet medium roast. It’s blended with the intend of getting you up and moving through your everyday hustle. It has notes of caramel, toffee and lemon, it’s also smooth and nutty.

  • 87549    BLK & BOLD Rise & Grnd Ground (12oz)
  • 86246    BLK & BOLD Rise & Grnd Whole Bean (5lb)
  • 95688    BLK & BOLD Rise & Grnd (2.25oz, Box of 42)


Smoove Operator

This full bodied creamy dark roast will give you the dessert for breakfast feeling you’re looking for. Smoove Operator has flavor notes of caramel and toffee with a creamy boldness that is sure to please.


  • 92655    BLK & BOLD Smoove Operator Ground (12oz)
  • 86248    BLK & BOLD Smoove Operator Whole Bean (5lb)


K- Cups

The full delicious tastes of Rise & GRND and Smoove Operator are now available in the convenience of a K-cup. Are you ready? Because we are! Each K-cup pod is recyclable by peeling off the lid, emptying the contents you can put the cup in with you recycling depending on your local rules.

  • 95354    BLK & BOLD Rise & Grnd K-Cup (Box of 20)
  • 95731    BLK & BOLD Smoove Operator K-Cup (Box of 20)

Cold Brew

BLK & BOLD’s fan favorite Smoove Operator is used as the base to create the canned cold brew coffee. With a higher caffeine content and availability as unsweetened, sweeten and caramel flavor what’s not to love? This cold brew is ready to go with you out the door and onto your next adventure.


  • 95313 Blk & Bold Caramel Smooth Operator (7.5oz)
  • 95314 Blk & Bold Unsweetened Smooth Operator (8oz)
  • 95764 Blk & Bold Sweet Smooth Operator (8oz)