Green Mountain previously introduced its line of Cafe Escapes K-Cups, but they have been unavailable for some time. Now these premium, indulgent K-Cups are being re-introduced, starting in late July. Within a few months, traditional Green Mountain Hot Cocoa K-Cups will be discontinued, and customers will be encouraged to try Cafe Escapes as the replacement.


cafe-escapes-k-cups Cafe Escapes K-Cups


Cafe Escapes are a premium product, and will be priced accordingly. We hope that you will give them a try and find that the improved quality brings value. More details to follow as soon as we receive the product into stock, within a couple of weeks. This line includes four indulgent drinks:

Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

We went all the way to Europe and visited the world’s best chocolatiers to develop this indulgent treat. With the smooth flavor of creamy milk chocolate, this K-Cup is a more sophisticated version of our extremely popular Green Mountain Hot Cocoa.

Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Sourced in Europe from expert chocolatiers, this drink provides deep chocolate satisfaction with the convenience of a K-Cup. A decadent, dark cocoa that will appeal to all ages.

Cafe Escapes Chai Latte

Mesmerizing aromatics with flavors of black tea and exotic spices, smoothed by a splash of milk and sugar.

Cafe Escapes Mocha

We’ve spent years experimenting with various combinations of coffee and cocoa to find the perfect balance of taste and aroma. Many mochas taste like cocoa but we like coffee too much to let that happen! In this Café Mocha, our delicious coffee shares top billing with rich, creamy chocolate.