Now Operating 24 Hours!

We’re happy and thankful to report that Coffee Distributing Corp. continues to grow year after year, maintaining our position as the largest office coffee service provider in the New York metropolitan area. In an effort to adapt to the needs of our growing customer base, our latest move has been to add an additional warehouse… Read more »

44 CDC Volunteers Support Breast Cancer Walk

For the 2nd straight year, Coffee Distributing Corp. was a proud local sponsor of New York City’s Avon Walk For Breast Cancer. CDC provided free coffee, tea, and cocoa for the pre-dawn opening ceremony on Saturday, October 19th, and 44 CDC volunteers gave up their sleep time to brew coffee and serve it to the… Read more »

Employee of the Month September 2013

Congratulations William and John — CDC’s September 2013 Employees of the Month! William and John are pantry attendants who work together to service one of our high-profile clients across three Manhattan office buildings. They serve the traditional route driver role of delivering product from CDC’s warehouse to our client, but they have the added responsibility… Read more »

Employee of the Month August 2013

Congratulations, Pavel! CDC’s August 2013 Employee of the Month! Pavel, a Queens route driver, is in his 10th year with CDC. He always does a great job on his route, but recently he has been extra busy handling the US Open tennis event, which CDC is proud to service.     Between the US Open… Read more »

Employee of the Month July 2013

Congratulations, Mario! CDC’s July 2013 Employee of the Month! Mario joined CDC through a merger two years ago. His role changed from Manhattan route driver with dozens accounts to pantry attendant handling one particular high-profile account, and he has performed exceptionally in his new role.     Mario recently began handling a 2nd account, and… Read more »

Employee of the Month June 2013

Congratulations, Leonel! CDC’s June 2013 Employee of the Month! Leonel recently completed his sixth year with Coffee Distributing Corp. He is a valuable utility man in our warehouse with a can-do attitude, up for any task — big or small, glamorous or not.     Leonel’s responsibilities include cleaning out the garbage generated around the… Read more »

Employee of the Month May 2013

Congratulations, Steve! CDC’s May 2013 Employee of the Month!     A CDC employee since 2007, Steve began his career as a vending technician before reinventing himself as a key member of our coffee service team. Steve now specializes in repairing Keurig brewers. Just as he was quick to learn the ins and outs of… Read more »

Employee of the Month April 2013

Congratulations, David, CDC’s April 2013 Employee of the Month! David recently completed his first year with Coffee Distributing Corp., and is already standing out as a key to our operations team. He was one of several members of our warehouse crew to join our new “3rd Shift” (overnight), which has been a tremendous success.  … Read more »

Employee of the Month March 2013

Congratulations, Annetta, CDC’s March 2013 Employee of the Month! Annetta, a pantry attendant, represents a new and growing area of CDC’s business. Pantry Attendants work on location with our customers. These customers receive a premium level of service — a dedicated staff member on site to manage inventory, rotate stock, receive deliveries, tidy up pantries,… Read more »

Employees of the Month February 2013

Congratulations, Ottoniel and Luis, co-winners of CDC’s February 2013 Employee of the Month award! CDC’s Route 1 is so busy that its route driver takes two helpers — Otto and Luis — with him on a daily basis. Often the route even requires two trucks! Their territory on the East side of Manhattan includes some… Read more »

Employee of the Month January 2013

Congratulations, Maria, CDC’s January 2013 Employee of the Month! Maria, an Accounts Receivable Clerk, is in her 2nd year with CDC. She does an excellent job, and embodies the CDC “team player” mentality.     In addition to her standard duties, Maria steps up when necessary to handle some Accounts Payable functions. Over the past… Read more »

What Were The Top Selling K-Cups Of 2012?

Our What Were The Top K-Cups of 2011? was a popular post, so we decided to repeat the exercise for 2012. Once again we sold millions of K-Cups last year, from a multitude of brands. With so many options to choose from, the selection can seem overwhelming at times. Check out the top sellers below… Read more »

What Were 2012’s Top Selling Mars Drinks?

In 2012, the Flavia single-cup brew system remained our most popular office coffee solution. Coffees made up 69.5% of our Mars Drinks sales, teas made of 22.7% of sales, and indulgence drinks made up 7.8% of sales. Alterra Colombia remained far-and-away our top seller.     2012 Top Ten Selling Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas… Read more »

Employee of the Month December 2012

Congratulations Oswaldo, CDC’s December 2012 Employee of the Month! Oswaldo, a member of our AM warehouse crew, has worked at CDC for four-and-a-half years. Specializing in our paper aisle, he has always been diligent in his warehouse duties, helping to keep products neat, accessible, and properly rotated.     Like many of our staff members,… Read more »

Employee of the Month November 2012

Congratulations Dennis, CDC’s November 2012 Employee of the Month! Dennis is in his 4th year with CDC, working out of our Union, New Jersey branch as a driver and driver’s helper. He is being recognized for the tremendous strides he has made in becoming one of the most valuable members of our New Jersey operation…. Read more »