Our previously-blogged switch-over from Solo cups to International Paper cups includes a transition of our eco-friendly paper cups, from Solo’s “Bare” brand to International Paper’s “Tree” brand. Like Bare cups, Tree cups are considered “green” because they are made with post-consumer fiber. You will see this referenced with the acronym “PCF.”


PCF Tree Cups Are Replacing Solo Bare

PCF Tree Cups Are Replacing Solo Bare


The new Tree cups are available in the same sizes as Bare cups: 8 oz, 10 oz tall, 10 oz squat, 12 oz, and 16 oz. The product codes are identical (SB8, SB10, SB10S, SB12, SB16) so customers who used to get Bare cups will automatically start receiving the new Tree cups as our inventory runs out and switches over.

Attention customers who use lids with their Bare cups: the new 8 oz, 10 oz squat, 12 oz, and 16 oz cups use the same exact lids as they did previously. The SB10 10 oz tall cup is the only cup in the Tree lineup that requires a new lid. The lid code (LP10W) is same as before, but if you have leftover lids when you get your new cups, you will find that they don’t fit. Call our customer service department at 1-800-356-8881 and we will exchange your old lids for new lids, at no charge.

Tree cups are being phased in as Bare supplies are exhausted. As of October 13th, the 12 oz and 16 oz cups have switched over to the new brand. You can follow our cup transition with this PDF. For each SKU row, we will highlight the appropriate column in green to indicate which cup is currently shipping. If the lid columns are in yellow, a new lid is required; otherwise the lids are interchangeable.

We also invite you to view our cups and lids web page, where you can hover over the names of our most popular cups to see what they look like.

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