Due to a cost increase from our suppliers for Splenda, we have to raise our price. But, in the spirit of looking out for our loyal customers, we always seek out cost-saving alternatives. We are pleased to announce that we now carry Equal Yellow (2000-count, code: EQY2) and we are offering it for $4.00 less per case, compared to Splenda.


Splenda is a commercial name for an artificial sweetener called sucralose. Equal yellow is also sucralose – enjoy the same taste and save some money!

So now that we know that the “yellow” sweetener packets are sucralose, what about the “blue” and “pink” packets, you wonder? Equal Blue is an artificial sweetener containing aspartame, dextrose, and maltodextrin. Sweet & Low (pink) is primarily made from saccharin.

Of course, we carry them all… in addition to traditional sugar packets!