Starting with today’s orders, Alterra Fabulous Froth Original will replace Flavia Cappuccino Swirl on all orders. Flavia Cappuccino Swirl has been discontinued by Mars Drinks.




Fabulous Froth Original works in the same manner as Cappuccino Swirl, as the first step in a “two-pack drink” option with your Flavia C400, Flavia C200, or Flavia C150 single-cup brewer. Select the Cappuccino or Latte option on your machine, brew your Fabulous Froth pack first, then insert your coffee or tea filterpack of choice when prompted. After just about a minute of total brew time, you will be enjoying a fresh indulgent drink, made right in your office, and requiring no expertise or clean-up.


Fabulous Froth Filterpack

Fabulous Froth Filterpack


Fabulous Froth Original is packed 18 per rail, or 72 rails per case. Rail and case prices are the same as Cappuccino Swirl.

Note: Fabulous Froth Original is not meant to be brewed as a stand-alone beverage.

Flavia Milky Way Swirl will also be transitioning to a new product (Fabulous Froth Mocha) in about a week. Stay tuned for more information.

Flavia brewers are the preferred office coffee solution. Contact us to learn more about bringing this system to your office!