When Alterra coffees were introduced to replace Flavia coffees, Decaf Hazelnut was discontinued without a direct replacement. We have finally run out of stock of the traditional Flavia Decaf Hazelnut, so there are currently no decaf flavored coffee filterpacks for your single-cup Flavia brewer.

However, we don’t want to leave our customers hanging, so we have found a solution for you to try. Brew a cup of Alterra House Blend Decaf (code: ALTHBD) and pump in some Weldon Hazelnut flavoring (code: WHZ) to create your own cup of decaf hazelnut coffee!


flavia-decaf-hazelnut-replacement Flavia Decaf Hazelnut Replacement


This completes the transition from Flavia to Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea. Follow the links to learn about the full coffee and tea product lines!

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