This is your last chance to purchase Flavia Decaf Hazelnut coffee before it is gone forever! And we are offering an extreme discount of $28 per case, on both Flavia Decaf Hazelnut and Flavia Decaf House Blend!


flavia-packets-last-chance Flavia Decaf Hazelnut and Decaf House Blend


Please note that the Decaf Hazelnut filterpacks have a printed sell-by date of August 13th, 2011. The Decaf House Blend packets have a printed sell-by date of August 19th, 2011. Past those dates, we will not be able to sell these items, though they are sealed fresh and should be fine to consume. Hence the huge discount opportunity!

To lock in your $28 per case price, call your order in to one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-356-8881 extension 2, use the form at, or email [email protected] The cdcdeals product codes to get $28 per case pricing are ZZFLDH (Decaf Hazelnut) and ZZFLDC (Decaf House Blend).


flavia-decaf-hazelnut-house-blend Flavia Decaf Hazelnut and Flavia Decaf House Blend


Flavia packets are sold 100 packets per case (5 rails of 20). Flavia Decaf Hazelnut was discontinued when Alterra coffee was introduced. We do carry the full line of Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas.

These packets only work if you have a Flavia single-cup brewer. Interested in a free trial for your office?