Teas’ Tea — a popular item for us in 16.9 oz plastic bottles — is now available in 8.2 cans! The new cans are packed 30 per case and available in two varieties: Pure & Smooth Green Tea, and Elegant Jasmine Green Tea.

To sweeten the deal for this unsweetened tea, we are offering free cooler loans to customers who purchase these new can products. Get a free cooler delivered along with a minimum order of just 6 cases of product!




Coolers measure 26″H x 17″W x 19″D and hold a capacity of 84 cans.

Available Teas’ Tea products and codes:

  • TEATGC: Pure Green Tea Cans 30/8.2 oz
  • TEATGJC: Jasmine Green Tea Cans 30/8.2 oz
  • TEATGG: Pure Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGJ: Jasmine Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGO: Golden Oolong Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGR: Rose Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATGW: Green White Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATLG: Lemongrass Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz
  • TEATMT: Mint Green Tea Bottles 12/16.9 oz

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact us today!