Keurig Brewers along with K-Cup coffees and teas have soared in popularity, both at home and in the office. But what is a K-Cup and how does it work?
Your Keurig machine brews a hot cup of coffee in well under a minute, but it is NOT “instant coffee.” The K-Cup itself is a sealed package which contains both real, ground coffee and a paper filter. Your coffee is brewed the same way a fresh pot of coffee is brewed — just on a smaller scale.


X-Ray K-Cup Coffee

X-Ray K-Cup Coffee


When you insert your K-Cup and press the brew button, holes are punctured in the top and bottom of the K-Cup, breaking the freshness seal. Hot, pressurized water is forced into the K-Cup, and your freshly brewed beverage is dispensed through the filter, and into your waiting cup.

The beauty of Keurig, and other single-cup coffee systems, is that each user can brew his or her own fresh cup of coffee, customized to their taste (dark roast, light roast, flavored, or decaf), quickly, with no leftover waste, complications, or mess. We carry a variety of Keurig brewers, including the popular B3000 (large office), B150 (smaller office), and B130 (hotel room) models. We sell countless coffees and teas in K-Cups, among them Green Mountain, Coffee People, Diedrich, Gloria Jean’s, Twining’s, and Wolfgang Puck.

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