National Iced Tea DayDid you know June is National Iced Tea Month? This refreshing summertime thirst-quencher can also be a healthful beverage alternative, especially if you skip the sugar and try some of these other natural sweeteners.


Affectionately referred to as “nature’s candy”, honey is a delicious, natural sweetener that is also packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. Try honey to sweeten your tea and add a unique flavor twist!


Reach for fresh fruit as another way to sweeten your tea and add a splash of fruity flavor. Plus, depending on the fruit you choose, you’ll enjoy added health benefits! Pomegranates, lemons, peaches and strawberries are great choices that you can rotate with the seasons.


Stevia is a plant-based sugar substitute that can satisfy your sweet tooth while being better for your body than sugar. Truvia or PureVia are two great options for home and office use!

Browse all the sweeteners in our Product Guide to find your preferred choice, then celebrate National Iced Tea Month with you team!