Browsing yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, we spotted an excellent piece of evidence in favor of choosing the Flavia beverage system as your workplace coffee solution — especially if single-cup coffee is what you are looking for: For Appliance Makers, Less Is More According to the article, despite the slow economy, home coffee brewer sales continue to soar:

Total U.S. retail sales of large home appliances by all makers last year sank 5.1% from a year earlier to $19.1 billion, according to NPD Group Inc., a data tracker.

But total U.S. retail sales of small kitchen electrical appliances in 2011 were $5.2 billion, up 2.1%, NPD says. Coffee and espresso makers were the fastest-growing category.




What does this have to do with Flavia — a company that focuses strictly on the commercial market and doesn’t actively market a home brewer? Well, that’s exactly the point.

With more and more people brewing single-cup coffee at home, many office managers are finding that it’s a wise move to remove all temptation and provide coffee at work that cannot be used outside of the office. A Flavia machine gives you the best of both worlds — an easy-to-use, no-maintenance, self-service machine that makes a great cup of coffee, and a proprietary product that cannot be used with any other brewer, nor with a “home version” of the machine.

We get it — you want to provide your staff and your guests with quality coffee during the workday, but you don’t want to risk the cost of subsidizing their home consumption, too. Or at the very least, you don’t want to waste time worrying about what might happen with extra coffee packages left out in the communal pantry. Flavia might be the solution for you.


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