Bright Tea White With Orange Replaces Flavia

Introducing White Tea With Orange from The Bright Tea Company (Order Now: code BTWTO) for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer!     Flavia White Tea with Orange has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and officially sold out last week. Mars Drinks’ Bright Tea Company has a replacement — their new White Tea with Orange. Click… Read more »

Bright Tea Green With Jasmine Replaces Flavia

Introducing Green Tea With Jasmine from The Bright Tea Company (Order Now: code BTGTJ) for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer!     Flavia Bright Tea with Jasmine has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and officially sold out this week. The Bright Tea Company, owned by Mars Drinks, has a direct replacement — their new Green… Read more »

Bright Tea English Breakfast Replaces Flavia

Flavia English Breakfast Tea, discontinued by Mars drinks, has now sold out. The direct replacement is English Breakfast by The Bright Tea Company (CDC code BTEB: Order now!), which will work with your existing Flavia brewer.     English Breakfast is Rainforest Alliance Certified. It is one of two black teas offered by The Bright… Read more »

Bright Tea Lemon Herbal Replacing Flavia Lemon Calm

The latest discontinued Flavia drink to sell out is Lemon Calm, which is being replaced by Lemon Herbal from The Bright Tea Company (CDC code BTLEMON: Order now!).     Please note that while Lemon Herbal is not technically “decaf” it is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea. Two other Bright Teas fit into the caffeine-free… Read more »

Bright Tea Earl Grey Replacing Flavia Earl Grey

We have now sold out of Flavia Earl Grey Tea, the latest update in our Flavia-to-Alterra Coffee/Bright Tea conversion process. Flavia Earl Grey is no longer being manufactured. The Bright Tea Company has a direct replacement available — Bright Tea Earl Grey (CDC product code: BTEG — Order now!). The packets ship in the same… Read more »

Alterra Coffee And Bright Tea Are In Stock

We still have Flavia in stock for a couple of weeks, but the new Alterra coffees and Bright Teas are ready to go as well! Our staff is already enjoying the new drinks around the office!    

November 8th Is Alterra Coffee Launch Day!

Over on our YouTube channel, CDC Sales Manager Rodney Turner explains our upcoming visit to each Flavia customer to prepare your Flavia merchandiser for the new Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea products. We will still be shipping Flavia coffee and tea for a month or so, but after that, they will be discontinued and replaced… Read more »

What Is Alterra Coffee?

Last Friday, the Mars Drinks team visited CDC (see photos) to unveil some exciting changes to their product lineup. Beginning November 8th, Mars Drinks will offer branded products for use with their Flavia brewers. Flavia coffee and tea packets will be replaced with new product lines from Alterra Coffee Roasters and The Bright Tea Company…. Read more »