Alterra House Blend Replaces Flavia House Blend

We have now sold out of Flavia House Blend. We only have three of the original Flavia drinks remaining: Decaf Hazelnut, Decaf House Blend, and Raspberry Spark! Alterra House Blend (code: ALTHB) is the replacement for Flavia House Blend. It is one of Alterra’s “Light and Smooth” category coffees, along with Morning Roast and Costa… Read more »

6 Advantages Of Keurig’s K-Cups

Single-cup coffee systems have tremendous advantages — they allow each user to brew a fresh cup of coffee, in under a minute, to their specific tastes (light roast, dark roast, flavored, or decaf), with no leftover waste or pot to clean. Of all of the single-cup systems available for the office, here are 6 reasons… Read more »

What Is Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee? [VIDEO]

This short video, produced to coincide with Earth Day 2011, explains the Rainforest Alliance, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farms:   Many of the Alterra coffees for your Flavia brewer are Rainforest Alliance certified. Learn more on our Flavia sustainability page. Video source: The Rainforest Alliance’s Vimeo page

Coming Soon: Alterra Pumpkin Spice For Flavia!

You heard it here first! Mars Drinks has announced its first ever seasonal coffee for the single-cup Flavia brew system: Alterra Pumpkin Spice!     Pumpkin Spice filterpacks will be available this Fall, on a limited basis. We expect this to be a very popular new drink! It will be a medium roast, flavored coffee,… Read more »

What Is Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee?

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization (much like the well-known Fair Trade organization), that works with coffee farmers and other agricultural producers to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainability.     The Rainforest Alliance works directly with farmers to teach and encourage good land-use practices. Specifically, the Alliance requires the maintenance or restoration of a… Read more »

Bright Tea Chai Spice Replaces Flavia Exotic Chai

Introducing Chai Spice from The Bright Tea Company (Order Now: code BTCHAI) for Flavia’s single-cup coffee brewing system.     The original Flavia Exotic Chai Tea has been discontinued by Mars Drinks, and officially sold out earlier this week. The Bright Tea Company’s replacement — Chai Spice — is much improved. Give it a try!… Read more »

Alterra Kona Blend Replaces Flavia Kona

Introducing Alterra Kona Blend for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer! We sold out of Flavia Kona Blend last night, and it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Alterra Kona Blend is its direct replacement.     Kona Blend is one of four coffees that fit under Alterra’s “Medium and Balanced” category. The other three “Medium… Read more »

Alterra French Vanilla Replaces Flavia French Vanilla

Introducting Alterra French Vanilla for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer!     We have officially sold out of Flavia French Vanilla packets, which have been discontinued by Mars Drinks. Alterra Coffee Roasters’ direct replacement is Alterra French Vanilla. French Vanilla is one of Alterra’s two flavored coffees, the other being Hazelnut. Both are Rainforest Alliance… Read more »

Alterra Morning Roast Replaces Flavia Breakfast Blend

Introducing Alterra Morning Roast (Order Now: code ALTMR) for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer!     Our supply of Flavia Breakfast Blend (discontinued by Mars Drinks) has sold out. Alterra Morning Roast is the new-and-improved replacement. Morning Roast is one of Alterra’s Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. Morning Roast is one of three coffees that fit… Read more »

Bright Tea English Breakfast Replaces Flavia

Flavia English Breakfast Tea, discontinued by Mars drinks, has now sold out. The direct replacement is English Breakfast by The Bright Tea Company (CDC code BTEB: Order now!), which will work with your existing Flavia brewer.     English Breakfast is Rainforest Alliance Certified. It is one of two black teas offered by The Bright… Read more »

Alterra Hazelnut Coffee Replacing Flavia Hazelnut

We have officially sold out of Flavia Hazelnut coffee, which has been discontinued by Mars Drinks. The direct replacement is Alterra Hazelnut coffee (CDC product code: ALTH — Order now!). In stock and ready to ship! The packets work the same way, in your same Flavia single-cup brewer. And check out the cool new artwork!  … Read more »

Bright Tea Earl Grey Replacing Flavia Earl Grey

We have now sold out of Flavia Earl Grey Tea, the latest update in our Flavia-to-Alterra Coffee/Bright Tea conversion process. Flavia Earl Grey is no longer being manufactured. The Bright Tea Company has a direct replacement available — Bright Tea Earl Grey (CDC product code: BTEG — Order now!). The packets ship in the same… Read more »

Alterra Barista’s Blend Replacing Flavia Intense Dark Roast

We are officially sold out of Flavia Intense Dark Roast, and it is no longer being manufactured, anywhere. But the news is not all bad! Alterra Barista’s Blend is the suggested replacement for Flavia Intense Dark Roast lovers. This is the first product transition in our Flavia-to-Alterra conversion process, but over the coming weeks, we… Read more »