As a general rule, water filters should be changed at least once per year. You’ll know the filter needs to be changed sooner if the water flow is restricted. As long as the water flow is good, there is no urgency to getting it done after a year, it’s just a good reference point. Filters will clog sooner if you have a high volume of water going through them and/or there are dissolved solids and/or sediment in the water. This can happen if the building has older pipes or there is sediment from the municipal water supply. If you find you need your filters changed more than once per year, we can put you on a cost saving filter change schedule.

Filter changes include the following:
• Dispatch of trained technician to your business.
• Replacement filter cartridge.
• Installation of the new filter (includes purging the new filter before installing).
• Checking for leaks.
• Testing the equipment for proper functioning.
• Travel time, vehicle costs, tolls, parking fees where applicable.

Filters come in a variety of styles, please ask your sales representative for the cost for your equipment. Note, you can save if you have your filters changed on a schedule. We save by have a technician specialize in filter changes and work a specific area each day. We can then pass the savings on to you.