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Newco RD3

The Newco RD-3 is a glass pot drip brewer system. It has three hot plates, which can be independently shut off, or used to keep up to three different pots of coffee warm at once.

The RD-3 features a narrow footprint and a low-profile design to fit under most table top cabinets. If height is an issue, the top hot plate can be left off and the machine can be used as a two-burner. The RD-3 is typically a pour-over unit, but it is also available as an automatic, with a hot water faucet.

Drip coffee brewers became popular in the 1960's and are still widely used in offices and restaurants. They can make excellent coffee, but it will begin to lose its fresh taste after 20 minutes on the hot plate. The less coffee left in the pot, the faster it will deteriorate.

Dimensions 18"W, 21"H, 9.8"D, 28 lbs
Cups Per Brew 8-12 Cups
Initial Brew Quality Excellent
Minutes of Freshness 20 Minutes
Recommended Population 10+ people
Non-Coffee Beverages None
Variety of Selections 3
Time to Brew 4-5 Minutes
Plumbed-In or Pour-Over? Pour-Over
Caters to Individual Taste 2 out of 5 Stars
Ease of Brewing 3 out of 5 Stars
Ease of Cleaning 4 out of 5 Stars
Downloads Sell Sheet (PDF)
User Manual (PDF)
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