Add Flavor to Your Water

March is National Nutrition Month, a perfect time of year to emphasize the importance of hydration. You may have heard the suggested daily water intake is eight 8-ounce glasses. This is achievable, right?  Sure it is, but we want to make it even easier for you to achieve this goal and enjoy doing it! Here are a few ways to add flavor to your water for a little more excitement and variety in your glass:

  • Flavor Drops — Create a more personalized hydration experience with these liquid beverage enhancers. Mix as little or as much as you like into your glass of filtered water for a burst of fruity deliciousness.
  • Frozen Fruit — Try some frozen fruit in your water for an ice cube replacement that will double as a refreshing flavor additive.
  • Fresh Fruit Slices — Let your favorite fruit soak in a pitcher of water to create a delightful fruity beverage. Strawberries, oranges, limes, and even cucumber are great options, but let your creativity run wild and try all sorts of fruit combinations!
  • Leave It To Lavit — No time to slice fresh fruit? Lavit‘s innovative technology offers over 30 different flavors for your still or sparkling water, delivered by the glass at the touch of a button.

Are you ready to amp up your water? Try these flavored water options for an enjoyable experience that will also help you reach your recommended hydration goals.